FORTIFY STARTER KIT: HEMA Free Gel Mani, 3 Step System (HEMA Free Bond, Base, Shiny Top)


Use this kit to achieve a HEMA Free Basic Gel Mani!

A Basic Gel Manicure  is a no-chip manicure that is more durable than polish alone. Manicure is maintained every 2-3 weeks by soak off removal and a full new application.

How to use this kit:

1. Bond: apply 1-2 coats to a natural, prepped nail. No cure needed. Note: Bond is naturally HEMA Free!

2. HEMA Free Base:  a traditional gel polish base gel, with an advantage! This gel has all the adhesion properties of Construct, but in a thin, HEMA Free formula that will bond to your clients' natural nails for long lasting, chip-free results! Cure for 60s LED / 120s UV.


At this point in the service, we recommend using our HEMA Free Gel Polish. They are in the Construct formula but with a thinner, easier to apply viscosity. Shop all our gorgeous shades of Gel Polish here.


 3. HEMA Free Shiny Top: a beautiful tack-free shiny topcoat; we recommend this as the last step for basic gel manicures. Apply 1 coat, cure for 60s for best results.


Visit our Fortify Product Knowledge page here for more info on how to use Fortify products!

About Fortify 

Fortify is a new system by Fuzion that includes a new revolutionary flexible base and builder gel in one. The main components of this 3 Step System are Bond, Construct, and Gloss. It comes in regular and HEMA Free formulas. 

The Fortify System is amazing for natural nail overlays, structured gel manicures, and gel polish manicures. It is also an incredible base for your hard gel services to prevent lifting, seperation and service breakdown.

Fortify is designed for virtually every client's needs! It's intense strength makes it extremely versatile, ensuring a successful service outcome every time!



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