NanoFlex by Fuzion is a Flexible UV/LED Gel
Designed for Reconstructing Damaged Toenails!
Self leveling - Very easy to use!
Contains NanoSilver – A natural antifungal & antibacterial
Cures in 30 seconds LED or 120 seconds for UV
Made in Canada!

Formulated and Tested in Partnership with NASP
A leader in foot care training and products!

NanoFlex by Fuzion is Professional Only Product that should be used only by licensed Nail Technicians or Esthetician

Check the Video Link Here!

Follow Stephanie through 1 year of using NanoFlex on her client, from initial application to fills and see the finished product!

Toenails just in time for summer!

Follow Stephanie from All That Glitters is Me in this quick tutorial for great summer toes using NanoFlex!

NanoFlex Professional Kit

The Full NanoFlex kit contains:
1 25g of NanoFlex Gel
1 Fuzion Gripzion
1 Fuzion Gel Brush
1 UV/LED Toe Lamp
1 Footlogix Tincture
10 pack of Disposable Applicators
1 NanoFlex by Fuzion Towel
1 250mL Unscented Fuzion Cleanzer

NanoFlex Sample Pack

The NanoFlex Sample kit contains:
1 8g of NanoFlex Gel
1 'Sample Sized'Fuzion Gripzion
1 of each disposable applicator for Nanoflex and Gripzion
1 30mL Unscented Fuzion Cleanzer