Mystery Machine - Fuzion 2023 Halloween Collection


Scooby-Doo, where are you?! Dive head first into all things spooky with MYSTERY MACHINE, Fuzion's Limited Edition Halloween 2023 Collection!


This limited edition collection is made up of 4 new shades: 2 Sparklez, 1 Shimmerz, and 1 Colourz. Available as a kit only, with 4x 8g jars - once they're gone, they're gone!!


Mystery Machine (Shimmerz):  a chameleon shift (not temperature changing) dark green and violet purple metallic shimmer

Scooby (Colourz): creamy, flat neon orange

Zoinks! (Sparklez): large & multi-size fire opal mylar flakes in a green glass gel base

Shaggy (Sparklez): large & multi-size fire opal mylar flakes in an amber glass gel base.


We strongly suggest encapsulating the 2 Sparklez for best results!


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