FDR Dust Extraction System Desk - Special Order Item (Price does not include shipping/delivery)


To order please contact us at 1-844-748-9324 or email orders@nailfuzion.com

You love doing nails!  Your freedom and creativity is second only to how happy your clients are after a fresh set!  The dust, however, is awful! It gets everywhere and leaves you dusting 10+ times a day!  The FDR Dust Extraction System from Fuzion is the best for keeping that dust away so you can put more energy into what you love - the nails! 

Why is it the best?  

This desk system comes with 5 drawers on one side while the other side hides the extraction motor - so you don't have to worry about a bulky vacuum system getting in the way.  It's also pretty quiet! It won't interrupt conversation or deafen your clients.

You can customize this desk for right/left handed technicians! Put the drawers on whatever side is best for you! This feature seems so simple, but many desks don't offer the choice. 

The desktop is curved on both sides to allow you and your client to be comfortably close while offering all the surface space of a full-sized desk. No more pulling your client over the table or sacrificing valuable table space! Better yet - you can choose what desktop finish you would like!  There are 7 looks you can choose from so matching your nail desk to your nail room has never been easier - truly! 

  1. Elemental Concrete - Cool Greys
  2. Perlato Granite - Warm Greys & Neutral Browns
  3. Argento Romano - Warm Greys & Beige Hues with Marble effects
  4. Butterrum Granite - Warm Browns & Earth tones
  5. Flint Crystal - Grey & White Stones
  6. Arctic Ice - Mostly White with Grey & Earthy flakes
  7. Jamocha Granite - Darker Browns & Earthy tones

The motor has a remote.  Yes.  A remote!  Control the desk from across the room if you need to!  (We've done it just because we can!) 

The FDR has a high dust particle capacity, which means that you'll only need to clean the filter after every 20-25 clients.  (NT has this desk as our demo desk, so not needing to worry about cleaning the filter every day is amazing for us!)  To clean, simply open the access door and vacuum it out!  The filter will need to be replaced when you notice suction has depleted.  The time between filters will vary from person to person depending on the number of clients they have and the amount of product that gets removed each time.  


 Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery as these are made to order!  These desks are amazing, however, they are very large and can be subject to high shipping fees.  Our set pricing does not include any shipping or delivery costs and we cannot offer installation. (We can, however, offer support over the phone and be excited with you when you tell us how much you love the FDR system!)

*The Vent system is also available separately. 


The Facts 

  • Desktop Length - 5' 
  • Desktop Width Wide - 28"
  • Desktop Width Narrow - 17 3/4"
  • Desk Height - 28 3/4"
  • Individual Drawer Height - 4" x2  |  6" x3
  • Drawer Depth - 20.5"
  • Drawer Width - 12 3/4"
  • Remote Battery - 12v | A23G


To order please contact us at 1-844-748-9324 or email orders@nailfuzion.com

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