What Do I Need To Get Started?

The Fuzion Academy for both In-Person and Online Training contain portions of the course that are online. We strongly recommend that you take your course using a desktop or laptop with a webcam and a microphone, so you can take advantage of our weekly zoom meetings and 1 on 1 support. We also recommend you have knowledge of how to do the following:

  • Attaching files to emails
  • Exporting photos from a phone or camera onto your desktop and compressing/zipping multiple files together
  • Use of zoom and online meetings

The online portions of the course are very streamlined, easy to use and are developed for use on a desktop/laptop. However, if you do not have access to one, a phone or iPad will also work to complete your course.

What product do you need to get started?

When you sign up with the Fuzion Academy you will receive your student kit after you have completed your theory portion of our online training. The basic kit should be enough product to complete every module of the theory and practical assessments, however depending on how much you practise you may need to restock ~ When you sign up for the Fuzion Academy you will receive an account and a 10% off code from one of our main distributors Nail Techniques so you can begin adding to your collection of product while you're completing your course!

Lets take a look at what will come in your kit.

Fuzion Beginner Training Kit

Kit contents may vary and may be substituted for equivalent or better quality products due to stock levels and supplier availability. Colours listed may also vary depending on stock availability.

Fuzion Beginner Main Line Collection

Fuzion Main Line Gels

  • Pink Base - Every set of nails starts with the base! Pink base is typically applied to your chosen bonder from the natural nail.
  • SL Clear - is one of our most popular builder / blending gels. It has many different applications that you will learn in your course. SL stands for self-leveling
  • Sculptzure - is perfect for building up stressed areas of nail extensions and sculpting clear tips. It is very durable and can be layered with SL Clear.
  • Extreme Shine - is Fuzion's signature top coat, you will be using this ontop of every nail you do for the best shine!
  • '5' Under Cover - is a slow self leveling builder gel that domes when applied. 5 Under Cover is a creamy pink tone to match the natural nail and can be layered with SL Clear or Sculptzure.
  • Sparklez, Colourz & Paintz - are the fun part of being a Nail Tech! With tons of different colour combinations, this is where your creativity can shine! Fuzion's Signature Formula is now thinner for easy application either encapsulating or applying on top! Both methods you will learn in your course.
Fuzion Accessories Beginner Kit

Fuzion Main Line Accessories

  • Dehydrate - helps prep the natural nail by dehydrating it, removing surface oils and moisture that may cause the finished nail to not bond properly causing lifting.
  • Gripzion - is Fuzion's main bonder, their are 4 bonders total but Gripzion is always the go to bonder for Fuzion Products.
  • Forms - are used to help build and shape your extension off of the natural nail. There are many different shapes that you will learn during your course and all of them are built using Fuzion Forms.
  • Cleanzer - helps get rid of the sticky residue left by gel as well as neautralize all reactants found in the dispersion layer of cured gel.
  • Finish - is a product you can use on a finished nail that gives it maximum shine!

Fuzion Brushes

  1. Detailer Brush - This ultra fine brush is used for nail art and hand painted designs.
  2. Sparklez, Colourz & Clear #6 Brush - These brushes functionally are all the same, they are named differently with distinct gem designs to make sure that you don't mix your gels together when reaching for a brush.

UV/LED Curing Lamp

  • Our Signature Fuzion Lamp is our go-to Curing Lamp!
  • Preset timers built into the lamp that align with gel cure times.
  • Removeable bottom panel to allow for fast & effective cleaning
  • 1 year manufacturer warrenty
  • To upgrade to 2 handlamps please click here!

Nail Machine Bits

  1. Erica's Mandrel - This e-file bit is what you attach arbor bands to for filing and shaping the nail with your e-file.
  2. Point Bit - is used for preparing the natural nail.
  3. Pear Bit - is used for removing the cuticle from the nail plate and side walls
  4. Board File - we supply you with a 100 / 180 grit zebra file to give you a variety of uses for your first files from finishing extensions to removing excess cured product.

Sundries & Implements

  1. Nail Clippers - high quality stainless steel clippers for easy sanitation without rusting or tarnishing
  2. Cuticle Pusher - the paddle side is for pushing back the cuticle, the blade side is used for scraping up excess cuticle build up on the nail while preparing the natural nail.
  3. Stork Scissors - are used for cuticles & forms, the stork design gives better visability than regular scissors.
  4. Cuticle Nippers - for easily cutting stray cuticles, made of stainless steel for easy sanitation without rusting or tarnishing.
  5. Slim Orange Mini Buffers - used for adding extra shine and buffing out imperfections in the finished nail
  6. Nail Glue - Used for applying tips and nail art.
  7. Nail Tips - Nail tip application is one of the first skills you will learn in our course, tips comes in different shapes and sizes to ensure the best fit.
  8. Wipes - Lint-free, 100% cotton wipes to avoid getting anything in your brand new finished nail, also great for cleaning brushes, tips, small spills, etc. Good idea to stock up these so you never run out!

Sanitation Products

  • RTU - is a hydrogen peroxide based, hospital grade disinfectant spray that is all of the cleaning solution you will need to keep your workplace clean and sanitized.
  • RTU Sprayer - a higher grade, solution resistant plastic to last longer while using a peroxide based cleaner.
  • CS20 - is a 20 minute sterilizing soak that uses hydrogen peroxide to disinfect your tools without leaving a film or residue.
  • Sterilization Tray - is used with CS20 to raise and lower implements into the CS20 cleaning solution.

What If You Want To Get A Head Start?

*This upgrade replaces items from the basic kit*

  1. Aero Kera Dust Collector - A great portable table top dust collector! Equipped with a powerful fan, and very light weight making it easy to take apart to clean and reassemble!
  2. Portable Brushless E-File with Foot Pedal - We recommend this e-file for any level of nail tech! It is a rechargeable, cordless machine that comes extra bits & burrs to add to your collection!
  3. Fuzion Academy Custom Bit Kit - Our signature Fuzion bit set includes a point bit, pear bit, needle bit, cone bit, and a safety bit in a clear case.
  4. Fuzion Smart Rechargeable Lamp - Add style and convenience to your nail desk with Fuzion's high quality rechargeable curing lamp!
  5. Kit contents may vary and may be substituted for equivalent or better quality products due to stock levels and supplier availability. Colours listed may also vary depending on stock availability.
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