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Stephanie Kalenchuk

NanoFlex Educator in Kelowna, BC

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Instagram: @nails_by_mamabearwolf


Where do you live?

Kelowna, British Columbia

Have you always been interested in footcare?

I'm passionate about helping people feel better and have more confidence. So many people suffer from painful and embarrassing toenail issues. I've seen firsthand the difference I can make in my client's lives. This is where my passion truly comes from.

Why are you passionate about NanoFlex and what lead you to become a NanoFlex Educator?

I truly believe in the importance of proper education and training. Fuzion really aligns with my belief system. I've been with Fuzion and NanoFlex from the start. As someone who suffers toenail damage, I speak from personal experience when I say I truly believe in the power of NanoFlex.

Who inspires you and why?

Our founder Cheryl McLaughlin inspires me. Watching her create products that we as working professionals in this industry are really really looking for. Her continued commitment to making quality products paired with exceptional education is truly inspiring!

What's your philosophy towards your work?

Leave each client better off when they leave, than when they sat down in my chair. I want them to walk away with a big smile on their face, and a complete understanding of the service they received.


NanoFlex SILVER Training Dates:  To be announced soon

NanoFlex GOLD Training Dates:  To be announced soon