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Nikki Stratton

Hi, my name is Nikki and I am a certified Nail Technician and Educator. I have been active in the industry for a little over 17 years, trained in both acrylic and gel to create beautiful nail enhancements.
I became a nail technician because of my love for art, crafting, and building. I can get lost for hours when I am creating things. It doesn’t matter what I am working on, whether it be a wood working or renovation  project for the home, a flower garden bed in the yard, a canvas art project or sitting in my salon and playing with some new design ideas I have for nails.
I take pride in my work and I am always open to the opportunity to learn and grow as a nail tech as well as an educator. This is a very fast-moving industry and it is crucial to be open to try new ideas, trends, and techniques. I take time to learn and master these new skills as this is an asset and will aid me in being able coach other aspiring nail techs to achieve the end result with little to no frustration and I am able to teach these application procedures to the best of my ability.
I bring years of experience and knowledge in the industry. Patience, communication, and constant learning are skills that help me become the best educator I can be so my students can succeed with confidence and great skill. I am extremely passionate about my career and love to work with others who are as passionate as I am, this is why I love working with the Fuzion team I find everyone to be so helpful and friendly and we all have the same goal… help others be the best that they can be.