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Elizabeth Oloyede

NanoFlex Educator in Scottsdale, Arizona


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Co-Owner of Ethereal Wellness & Esthetics

Co-Owner of Spaffective Distribution

Instagram: @spaffective


Hello my name is Elizabeth Oloyede and I am a medical esthetician and master nail technician with almost a decade of experience in the beauty industry! I am an ASU alumni with a Bachelors in Molecular Bioscience and Biotechnology, and I am a proud science geek that will probably try to bring you over to the nerdy side with me! For the last 8 years I have been blessed to work with my sister as co-owners of a wellness-focused nail and beauty spa in Old Town Scottsdale, where we focus on corrective and restorative care for hands, feet, and skin. When it comes to nails, I’m a nail restoration specialist and self proclaimed perfectionist. I'm passionate about helping people make a real, noticeable change in the condition of nails through proper education and utilization of intelligent gel systems to protect, nourish, and maintain a healthier nail bed. I’m driven by the desire to help people, and when I see how healthy looking nails can really help improve someone's self esteem, that does it for me!


I’ve always enjoyed teaching, but after tutoring math in college to returning adult students who were struggling with below standard math classes, I really fell in love with educating. I learned that my students' high rate of success was related to tailoring instructions, examples, or just over all verbiage to a way that met their individual needs! As an educator I do my best to help make sure no student is left behind, and enjoy sharing what I’ve learned over the years of working in this industry!


When not working or educating I love to stay actively involved in the industry by attending various professional nail and skin conferences and trade shows. I am very active in my church, love to travel all over the world, and really enjoy trying new and delicious restaurants! I like to stay active by playing tennis, and enjoying Arizona's beautiful desert landscape through nice day trips with my family and friends or lite hikes. I also love to sing, salsa dance, and just enjoy life.  I’m proud to be an educator for such an innovative company that holds themselves to a high standard of quality and I look forward to helping bring out the best in everyone I have the honor to teach and mentor. 


NanoFlex SILVER Training Dates:  TBA

NanoFlex GOLD Training Dates: TBA