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Carlea Beaty

Carlea Beaty

Carlea Beaty

Hashtag: #cbeaty_teamfuzion

Instagram:  @naturallyvoguenails

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What lead you to become a Nail Tech?

My sister 🙂 At the time she had just got out of cosmo in high school and she really wanted to take a nail course. She found a course in Calgary and thought it would be awesome to do it together as I loved nails and was doing mine with the good old glue on dollar store tips. Plus it was a great way to add some income to our young family while being able to work from home. Needless to say it didn’t take much convincing and I was hooked.

If you could do any other career, what would you do?

Professional Crafter – In fact I haven’t met a craft project that I haven’t liked. Other then that if I could be a sleeping newborn holder I think that would also be an amazing job!

What do you enjoy most about being a Educator for Fuzion?

Sharing something that I love. Nails is like a addiction for me. If I’m not doing them I’m looking at pictures or watching videos. I have a little note book with me always incase I get a nail idea so that I can quickly draw it out. It makes me so happy. So when I can share that with a new tech or a seasoned veteran tech, it’s the ultimate high. 🙂

Who inspires you and why?

Firstly my daughter. She’s also a lover of the arts and seeing her constantly pushing to be better inspires me to constantly upgrade my training and try new things. Secondly Beverly Townsend I have admired her work since I was a nail baby. Her talent and drive to better her craft and our industry has always been a great inspiration to me.

What is your ideal work environment?

My ideal work environment is a happy one. Doesnt matter if it’s a dirty job no one wants to do if people are happy it makes it a whole lot more bearable.

What’s your philosophy towards your work?

Give it your all and do your best or don’t do it all all. I have always and will always give 110% in every job I do. 🙂

Proudest career moment?

It was the CNTC in Edmonton 2017.  I work really hard on my nails to do something that would stand out. I went with a ‘Phantom of the Opera’ theme. Having nail techs who I look up to grab my hand and love them was amazing!!!! My cheeks hurt from smiling.

A sentence or quote that best describes you?

“Glitter sparkle and shine but most of all I’m kind ”

What does being a role model mean to you?

Being a role model to me means “sharing”.

Sharing of knowledge,
Sharing of passion,
Sharing of ourselves and our life stories.

What advice would you give your 10 year old self?

To not worry about every one and everything. To enjoy life in the moment, and always keep smiling because good or bad your always loved.

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