Fuzion's Valentine's 2023 Collection


Fuzion's Valentine 2023 Collection

Available in a 4 pack of 8g or 15g!

Dating app drama?! The NEW Fuzion Valentine's Collection will have you Swiping Right 👉
It's time for some Dramatic Nails, and these 4 selections are the ticket to L O V E...
LOVE YOURSELF that is 🥰🙆‍♀️💅

Included in the collection:

  • Seriously? (Shimmerz) ~ a rich fuchsia metallic with a purple shimmer.
  • Unmatch! (Shimmerz) ~ a dark purple metallic with a microfine iridescent shimmer.
  • Ghosted (Colourz) ~ a flat creamy fire engine red.
  • Nope! ~ (Sparklez) a bright cherry coral metal flake.

UV/LED 120s/60s

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