Fuzion Finishing Touches Kit


New from Fuzion, a bundled collection of all their top coats!
Bought separately, these products would total over $80. 

Matte - Gives nails a velvety matte finish. Cures 60 sec LED, 120 sec UV. 15ml bottle.

Tack Free - Cures to a tack free finish, great for chromes or pigments. Cures 60s LED, 120s UV. 15ml bottle.

On Top Gloss - Finishing touch with a high shine. Add a thin, even coat and then wipe off the dispersion layer. Cure 60 seconds LED, 2 minutes UV. 15ml bottle.

Extreme Shine - High shine top gloss. High shine top gloss. Apply in one coat evenly over the entire nail. Pay close attention to the free edge coverage to avoid shrinkage. Do not overbuff prior to application, 2 smooth surfaces will not bond well. Check for "dust bunnies" and texture prior to curing. Cure 2 minutes UV or 60 seconds LED for best shine. 8gm jar.

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