Fuzion Winter 2022 Naughty or Spice Collection | Fuzion 6x8gm


Winter 2022 Naughty or Spice Collection, 6x8gm.

 The “Naughty Or Spice” Winter Collection is ready to be unwrapped and enjoyed This shimmering collection is perfectly indulgent, and just in time for the holiday season. 🎁

NEW TO THIS COLLECTION: Introducing “SHIMMERZ” a new addition to Fuzion's line of potted gels.

The Naughty or Spice collection includes:

Naughty Or Spice ~ a dark, rich mauve metallic.
Whiskey Business ~ shimmering bronze metallic.
Gettin’ Blitzin ~ a bright blue sapphire metallic.

All Or Muffin ~ a warm, bright gold metal flake.
Heart Baker ~ a rich raspberry red with flecks of copper.
Drink Up Grinches ~ black base with small holographic multi glitter.

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