Let's Get Started Kit


Fuzion's Let's Get Started Kit has everything the professional nail tech needs to create beautiful sets the Fuzion way!

The kit includes the core line of the UV/LED gels Fuzion is known for as well as bonders, forms, Fuzion's signature gel brush and much, much more.

The Let's Get Started kit is an economical way to try all of Fuzion's products; bought separately, all of these items would total over $300!

Each kit includes:

  • 25pk of Fuzion Forms
  • Gripzion (15ml)
  • Cohezion (15ml)
  • Cleanzer (250ml) 
  • Fuzion Signature gel brush #6

8g of each of the following:

  • Clear Base
  • Pink Base
  • Sculptzure
  • SL White
  • Nude
  • Ivory
  • Blush
  • SL Clear
  • '5'
  • '5' Under Cover
  • '2.5' 
  • Extreme Shine

The kit also includes:

  • 1 Paintz
  • 1 Colourz
  • 1 Sparklez

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