Colour Construct Collection | Fortify by Fuzion


Join us in welcoming our 6 new camouflage Fortify "Construct" builder gels. This collection was designed to complement a variety of skin tones. Apply one coat for sheer coverage, or slay your overlay with full color in a structured manicure!

Construct is a soak off gel for easy removal.

Included in the collection:

  1. Lana - Creamy Soft pink with just a kiss of lavender
  2. Cari - Medium soft pink
  3. Georgia - Soft Coral Pink
  4. Belle - Medium Neutral Pink
  5. Whitney - Medium Peachy Pink
  6. Sawyer - Dark Neutral Pink


What is Fortify?

Fortify is a new system by Fuzion that includes a new revolutionary flexible base and builder gel in one.

The new system starts with our 3 main products, "Bond", "Construct" and "Gloss". 

The Fortify System's primary focus is to prevent lifting and separation for your hard gel nail application.

This revolutionary formula also is amazing for natural nail overlays and gel polish manicures. Fortify is designed for virtually every client's needs!

Fortify's intense strength makes it extremely versatile, and will ensure a successful service outcome every time!

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