Beginner Gel Training Kit Upgrade

Looking to get a head start! 

Upgrade your kit by adding this item to your cart and swap out your 3 in 1 machine for an upgraded starter kit to help you on your way towards your new career! 

By swapping out your 3 in 1 machine with this upgrade you will receive instead:

  • x1 Overhead Silkline Desk Lamp
  • x1 Aero Kera portal dust collector
  • x1 Elfie Practice Hand
  • x1 Koko Pro Portable & Rechargeable E-File

This upgrade option is only available between when you first complete your enrolment until two weeks before your kit ships. Once your kit has shipped your option to upgrade will instead be using your 10% Off code with our distributor as you receive a discount in the upgrade by not receiving the 3 in 1 machine. 


Please be advised that this price is for STUDENTS ONLY who are signing up for our Beginner Gel Training or who are currently enrolled this price is not for regular customers



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