Learn Nanoflex Start to Finish!

NanoFlex Professional Certification

Learn how to use NanoFlex by Fuzion from wherever you are with our Brand New Online Certification Program. This program teaches you how to assess and treat a wide variety of common toenail issues, safely and aesthetically pleasing. Learn at your own pace, with easy to follow videos, and 1on1 mentoring. Adding this in demand service to your business has incredible income potential. Join our referral program as we grow our network of NanoFlex Certified Techs!

  • Simple to Extreme Reconstruction
  • Disorders and Treatments
  • Extensive Infection Control
  • Ingrown Toe Nail Treatment
  • How to Incorporate these services into your business
  • 1on1 Mentoring

NanoFlex for the Non Pro

Can’t find a nail professional near you that offers Nanoflex? We have a course for you! Learn how to do basic toenail reconstruction on yourself. We recommend signing up with a friend so you can work on each other as reaching your own feet can be challenging! Our master educator will guide you through everything you need to know to safely reconstruct your toenails. This course is designed for people who have damaged toenails, not fungal or infected toenails. If you do not have any healthy Nail, we recommend you see a podiatrist or one of our certified Nanoflex professionals. This course only allows you to work on yourself with a friend, but not the public. This class does not come with a certificate, but will allow you to purchase NanoFlex related products only after completion through Fuzion Gel directly.

  • Simple to Moderate Reconstruction
  • Nail Anatomy and Disorders
  • Cleaning and Disinfection
  • Pro Tips and 1on1 mentoring
  • Access to limited Pro Products

For more information please email us at nanoflex@fuziongel.com