Megan-Rose Hamilton



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What lead you to become a Nail Tech?


Since I started working at 16 year old, I have always worked in the beauty industry and it made me happy when I could do something to enhance a woman’s features to give them more confidence and empower them, even just a little, so having a career that enabled me to keep doing this was very important to me. I have always loved having my nails done and was obsessed with painting my nails and creating all different sorts of nail art (changing my mani’s every 2 days 😂. So being a nail tech definitely fulfills my creative side. I also loved the freedom that being a nail tech could offer me – being my own boss, working around family commitments, working from home etc
If you could do any other career, what you you do?


I would LOVE to be a singer songwriter – unfortunately I lack the required talent


What do you enjoy most about being an Educator for Fuzion?


I think what I will enjoy the most is helping a student grow and see their skills develop and confidence increase. I feel that I am giving another girl the tools and skills required to start and then build her own business so she can take her new career as far as she wants to go.


Who inspires you and why?


Sarah Elmaz (Get Buffed) I am the WORST sketch artist in the world!! Sarah inspires me because she can literally draw ANYTHING on a nail and make it look like it came straight out of the pages of a book or off a TV screen. But it’s not just her artistic skills, her nail shape and structure is enviable and she is genuinely a nice person.


What is your ideal work environment?


My ideal work environment is neat, tidy and orderly. Everything has a place and everything in it’s place. Music playing, being able to see outside, modern decorations with a pop of colour. Working alongside another nail tech who’s fun and positive!


What’s your philosophy towards your work?


I believe that you must always produce work of the highest standard possible, don’t do anything by halves – all or nothing. You also need to be motivated, passionate and be open to ongoing education and growth.


Proudest career moment?


When another educator as well as veterans in the nail industry tell me that I do BEAUTIFUL and GORGEOUS nails. And I know that they genuinely mean it!


A sentence or quote that describes you?


I’ve never been talented, I’m just good at never giving up.


What does being a role model mean to you?


A role model is someone who is confident and positive. They are authentic and real, not pretending to be someone they aren’t A good role model is resilient and humble not afraid to admit their mistakes. They show deep respect and are grateful for opportunities given to them, not stepping on others to get ahead. While a role model needs to be knowledgeable they must never stop learning and extending themselves.


What advice would you give to your 10year old self?


You got this girl! You’re going to be a strong, independant woman. Be yourself, be authentic. Life is about more than what’s happening now. Trust your instincts.


Favourite Colour?




Favourite Designer?


I’m not really into brands


Favourite Beauty Product?


Estee Lauder double wear foundation


Favourite Drink?






Depends on what country I’m in 😂 In Canada “Aussie” In Australia Meggsie


Your stranded on a deserted island, what 3 things would you want?
Food, internet, coffee


Celebrity crush?


Channing Tatum


Do you have a hidden talent? Tell me about it!


I am very good at reading people and get a very strong gut feeling that cannot be explained rationally.


What does your perfect day look like?


Sleep in, gourmet buffet breakfast, relaxing on a tropical island sipping cocktails.


What song is your “Jam”?


Shoot me Straight – Brothers Osborne


What’s something on your bucket list?


Travel to England and tour Buckingham Palace, see the Tower of London, Westminster Abbey and the British Museum