Q. How long does the In Person One on One Training course take?

A. The In-Person One on One program breaks into three different times segments. The first portion of one on one for your theory section. Once you receive your kit and you are in the 3 in person 6 hour training classes that can last between 4 to 6 weeks depending on schedules. Then you have 90 days after your third class to complete your assessment phase before certification.

Q. How long does the Online Only Training course take?

A. From the day you sign up you have 90 days to complete your training with educator support and then 90 days to complete assessments. Any longer and your progress will be evaluated, then a plan will be set out to aid you in completing your course. The course should take no longer than 6 months.

Q. Is there a set start / end date?

A. The start date is set when students enrol in the program as you will receive your theory portion to start working through within 24-48 hours at the most. Both of our programs have a maximum duration of 6 months. If you have not completed the required assessments at the end of 6 months you may have to retake portions of your course. 

Q. Can you give an overview of the online course?

A. Our online beginner program consists of the following:

  • Full online theory and classes on our Fuzion Academy Portal
  • Tip Application
  • Sculpting with forms
  • Hand filing and E-File training
  • Colour application
  • Multiple Salon Shapes (Square, Squoval, Oval, Almond and Coffin)
  • French Nails and More!

Q. What kind of support will I have throughout my online training? 

You will have access to a dedicated educator to mentor you through to success for 3 months while working through the assignments. You will have access to our private online student Facebook Group for the 3 month duration where weekly Zoom meetings will be held.

  • Once completed the assignments you will be moved into the assessment support group for 3 months while you work on your assessments. Here you can ask educators questions but there will be no additional zoom meetings held.
  • Student discount at nailtechniques.com

Q. How does the payment plan work?

A. 3 monthly payments.

  • There is a payment plan agreement you will need to sign if this is the route you choose to take. All the outlined information is in the agreement.
  • Payment dates will be emailed to the student once it is calculated. Example Dec 01/20 is the 1st payment, Jan 01/21 would be 2nd payment date and 3rd payment date Feb01/21.

Q. Do I receive a certificate, and can I use it anywhere?

A. Yes you receive a certificate upon successful completion of the course. You can use it at most recognized beauty wholesalers. It is up to the student to ensure our curriculum meets the guidelines of your territory.  It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that local licensing/governing bodies recognize this course for licensing.

Q. Are the one-on-one training days set days and times or is the educator flexible with weekends and evenings?

A. The educators work with the students’ schedule and their own to ensure the dates will work for both parties.

Q. What is the cost of the in-person course vs the online course?

A. One on one in person course is $2,950 + applicable taxes and the online beginner training is $2,250 + applicable taxes. 

Q. Why is there a cost difference between the online vs the in-person training?

A. The in-person training costs includes the educator tuition to train you as well as the materials and kit required. The Online course does not require the same amount of educator hours; therefore, the tuition costs are slightly lower. 

Q. How can I become an educator with Fuzion?

A. Anyone that wants to apply to be an educator can do so if they have completed the pre-requisite course - Learn the New Look of Fuzion. Once the course has been completed and the application has been accepted you will be required to take Fuzion's educator training and complete it. Applications will be reviewed throughout the calendar year and accepted as positions become available on the team.