What Do These Two Programs Have in Common? 

Let's start with what these two programs have in common so that you know, no matter which path you take, what is included in your program! Whether you take online or in-person training the curriculum is exactly the same as outline on the curriculum page. The kit is the same between these two programs with the available upgrades for both. Also for the duration of your course and after completion you will get access to the Fuzion Support & Share Facebook page, a place where you can gather ideas, inspiration and support from other Nail Techs! With either program you will also get continued support and mentorship from your Fuzion Educator, or from our growing community of online-only beginner nail technicians. 

In Person Training

With in-person training you will have your chosen Fuzion Educator (Picked from the drop down menu of the sign up page) who will mentor you through the day-of training in a more scheduled progression over 3 separate classes: 

  • Day 1 ~ Tips & Overlay with a focusing on Nail Preparation and the Basics.
  • Day 2 ~ Learning Salon Shapes using Forms & Gel Removal
  • Day 3 ~ All about your E-File (Prep, Shaping, Removal & Rebalancing)

After your last class you will have 90 days to complete your required assessments and submit to your educator for grading & evaluation. 

This type of training is perfect for the student who needs a more structured and instructor led style of learning, where you watch the technique being done and then go through the steps with your educator. With in-person training please check our educator list to see if we have an educator near you. 

For a full list of our educators click here!  

As we move more into online training more of #TeamFuzion will be available for in-person virtual training. Look for each educators availability on their profile! 

Online Only Training

With online training you will join the growing community of online only beginner nail technicians who are going through the training alongside you in your own dedicated Facebook Group that is managed by Lead Educator Christine Fraser. Christine manages and monitors all of the online students and supports you through your course with weekly troubleshooting zoom meetings, email support and mentorship throughout your course. 

The Online-Only program is a series of assignments, video tutorials and assessments made available entirely through the Fuzion Academy. This type of training is perfect for people who are self-motivated, hands-on learners who occasionally need help when they run into problems but prefer to try it on their own! With no educator to make appointments with, the course is entirely at your own pace. You will have access to educator support for the first the 90 days of the learning portion of the course. Once you move to assessments you will have 90 days to complete and obtain your certification. 

If you have any more questions please feel free to email us at education@nailfuzion.com or visit our FAQ page