Treat Nail and Toe area with Footlogix Tincture. Prep natural nail using Nasp 648 020 HP - Pink Stone bit and a mandrill with a medium arbor band.

Ensure that all non living tissue and detached nail is removed, and the remaining nail is free of shine. Wipe nail thoroughly with Fuzion Cleanzer.

Apply one coat of Fuzion Gripzion to the entire nail, Cure 30 seconds LED 120 seconds UV.

PLEASE NOTE- If you are working on Fungal nail (Onychomycosis) we recommend using a disposable brush or lip wand when applying Gripzion to avoid cross ontamination. In addition scoop out a small amount of NanoFlex and place it on a tile to use during service. (dispose any leftover gel that's not used)

Apply an even coat of NanoFlex to the natural nail only ensuring no skin or cuticle contact. Cure 30 seconds LED, 120 seconds UV.

For Fungal toes use a cuticle stick/metal spatula or a disposable brush to apply gel.

Apply a second coat of NanoFlex to the skin/area to create a free edge, and even out any low spots. Ensure you are reconstructing the toenail with enough product for filing and shaping.

Cure 30 seconds LED, 120 seconds UV.

Wipe with Cleanzer. Shape perimeter with a disposable board file or a metal file that can be sanitized. Shape and buff as needed. Cleanse the nail, and polish/gel polish can be applied at this stage. Treat with Footlogix Tincture after service.

*Ensure client returns in 3-4 weeks for a fill and retouch. Explain the importance of being diligent with home care treatment using Footlogix Tincture. In cases of Onychomycosis (Fungal nail) a follow up 2 weeks after service is suggested. We recommend NO gel polish on fungal reconstruction.