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Kirstie Lowe

Full name: Kirstie Lowe

IG: @nailsbykirstie 

FB: KirstieLowe_FuzionEducator


I had always loved getting my nails done in high school. 10000 fills later, I had decided I wanted to try and do them myself! So, I ordered a kit and away I went. They were the bumpiest, thickest, crookedest, nails I had ever seen. Needless to say, 2014 I got my certificate and decided to take things a little more seriously! First place I had gone to was Nail Techniques to buy product. As overwhelming as it was, the girls were amazing and directed me to a Fuzion educator in Salmon Arm. Taylor taught me everything I needed to know about Fuzion Gel, and got me a job at the spa she worked at. 1 year later, I went self employed for about 4 years. Madelyn Jean was born January 2019, which put nails on hold for a year or so. I am very excited to get back into nails after some amazing time off with the new addition! 
When I first walked into Nail Techniques, I was nervous and unsure. Without Taylor and the girls support, I would not be where I am today. This makes me passionate to want to help / teach other people! I continue to learn more everyday from other nail techs and educators, which I am forever grateful for. It is a pleasure to pass on all of my information to other ladies out there.